Multiple linked forms

Since version 0.7 is is possible to have more forms linked to one resulting email.
See this functionality in action in the demo here.

To make this work a few extra fields should be added to your template.

At first you will need to put the tag  {PREVIOUS} somewhere in your form ( between <form> and </form> ) to enable the module to add hidden fields that will remember previous data input.

<form name="form_{SECTION_ID}" id="form_{SECTION_ID}" method="post" action="{URL}">
	<input name="miniform" type="hidden" value="{SECTION_ID}"/>
	<input name="header" type="hidden" value="Miniform Survey"/>

Next you need to tell the module what the next step will be.
This is done by adding a field name "__next". You can add the field as a hidden inputfield in your form but nicer is to add it as a button.

<button class="submit" name="__next" value="SURVEY_step_2" type="submit">Next</button>

Optionally you can also create a "Back" button this way. The fieldname for that is "__previous".

<button class="submit" name="__previous" value="SURVEY_step_0" type="submit">Previous</button>

Note that the value of these fields/buttons shoud refer to an existing form template without form_ and .htt.

So in this example the next step will be the form: form_SUREVEY_step_2.htt
If the form does not exist, the current data will be sent and the form is cleared.