Dev4me - Professional WebsiteBaker development

Searching for more functionality using the WebsiteBaker CMS?
Do you want to have your buggy module working in the latest WebsiteBaker release?
Dev4me can help you with that!

Dev4me is a division of the webdesigner Allwww from the Netherlands.
Allwww has many years experience in building and improving websites using the WebsiteBaker CMS.

Over 30 years of programming experience has resulted in many new (admin) modules and snippets for the WebsiteBaker CMS being developed by Allwww.
Most of these modules are made with the OpenSource (GNU/GPL) license and can be found on this website and/or the WebsiteBaker website and forum.

Next to this community development you can also hire Allwww to develop your own modules. This way your website can have an even more professional look and functionality. 

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