WebsiteBaker - Miniform

This website is to demonstrate the miniform module (version 0.7 - april 2014).

The miniform module is a form module that operates fully by creating templates. You can use whatever field you like and any number of fields you need.


NEW: Try the new Form Creator to help you creating your own form!

Version 4 (April 10, 2017) of the formcreator added new features.
- Save your design using a special link
- Load your design in your website using a simple Form ID
- Change and reload your template at any time
- Needs Miniform module v0.10 or later

Miniform module

Version 0.12 has an option to NOT store submitted data. Also confirmation mails can be sent, but only to registerred and logged-in users.

Version 0.11 now has the option for ajax form submission. Very usable for forms in the footer of pages or in onepager templates.

Version 0.10 can load template data from this website using the Form ID.
Also some fixes for special characters in fieldnames

Version 0.9 can use google's reCaptcha instead of the standard WebsiteBaker captcha!

Version 0.7 adds the possibility to have multiple forms linked to each other. A nice demo can be found in our user templates pages.
The help pages will explain how to use this function.

Since version 0.6 is is possible to allow fileuploads. Files are not stored on the webserver, they are emailed and destroyed.
Also since version 0.6 it is possible to add multiple recipients.

Have a look at the demo pages to find out the templates included with the module.
All demo pages on this website are included in the module package in English and (almost all) in Dutch

Some templates will make use of the new HTML5 "required" check. You can find them in the Demo with html5 validation pages.
Note that the html5 validation will work only on modern browsers, and will work differently in different browsers. Older browsers will fall back to the normal miniform validation.

The help pages will try to explain how forms are created and will show you how to create your own forms.


The module comes with a full set of templates and a fully responsive stylesheet that will allow you to create a form (responsive or fixed) within 3 minutes.